Western European Workshop on Research in Cryptology


The Western European Workshop on Research in Cryptology (WEWoRC) is a research meeting in the field of cryptology. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following
  • Foundations of cryptology (e.g., from computational number theory, complexity theory, combinatorics)
  • Secret-key cryptosystems and hash functions
  • Public-key cryptosystems
  • Modes of operation (e.g., Authenticated encryption and signcryption)
  • Cryptographic protocols (e.g., privacy, mobile security, distributed cryptography)
  • Implementation of cryptosystems and their integration into secure systems
  • Applications such as watermarking and code obfuscation
The workshop is one of the central scientific activities of the German special interest group on applied cryptology (FG Krypto). It takes place every second year. The next edition will be held in 2007.


WEWoRC is twinned with Yet Another Conference on Cryptography (YACC). It is organized since 2002 and takes place on the French island of Porquerolles. As WEWoRC, it is organized every second year. The next edition of YACC takes place in 2006. You can access more information on YACC'06 by clicking on the picture below.

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